A Valentine Dream

A Valentine Dream

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READY IN 1 hour
PREP TIME 15 min
COOK TIME 25 min


Long walks on the beach, sitting in front of a crackling fire. An intimate candlelit dinner, a set of diamond earrings. What has this to do with me? Nothing. I like bowling, beer and Charles Bronson movies.

However, it’s Valentine’s Day, so it’s time to man up and let my sensitive side show for one night of the year. Two years ago she woke up in the morning and while I was on the can, smoking a cigar and reading the sports page, she whispered through the door that she had a dream that night that I bought her an emerald necklace, sent flowers to her office and took her out to a fancy French restaurant. A dream? Instantly I knew what to do for her on Valentine’s Day. I snuck out of the office early that afternoon and on my way home from work I stopped off and bought her a book about the interpretation of dreams.

But the strangest thing happened to me last year. It was in the tenth frame and I had a seven-ten split, with our team down by five pins. I took a swig of Pabst, and as I approached the line ready to deliver the ball, I felt a pinch on my left butt cheek. I threw a gutter ball, and as I turned around, I saw a winged kid in a diaper floating above the scorer’s table holding a bow and arrow. He winked at me and suddenly I was filled with desire, affection and erotic thoughts. Toward my girl, not the kid in the diaper with the arrow.

Anyway, if you’re sick of eating out and paying high dollar, here’s a recipe that will surely please your girl and the winged kid with the arrow. This is easier than it looks to do and you can get away spending around twenty bucks for this whole meal for two.  One plate alone is $39.95 downtown.



  • 2-4 oz. Bacon Wrapped Beef Filets
  • 8 Bacon Wrapped Sea Scallops
  • 1 12 oz. Bag Yellow Rice
  • ½ Lb. Fresh Green Beans, Washed and Trimmed
  • 1 Roasted Red Pepper, Sliced Thin
  • 6 Scallions, Washed and Cut into 2 inch Chunks


  • 1Cook rice according to directions and set aside.
  • 2Grill filets until medium rare and set aside.
  • 3Brown scallops in olive oil, making sure bacon is cooked through.
  • 4Saute green beans, red pepper and scallions until wilted.
  • 5Arrange on the plate: Yellow rice in the middle with filet on top of rice.
  • 6Surround scallops around the rice evenly.
  • 7Place a tablespoon of beans, pepper and scallion around the plate to fill in the holes.